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  • Owning a home comes with the responsibility of cleaning a house, keeping it maintained and up to date. A homeowner, most of the time, forget about or miss performing routine repairs and maintenance.  


    However, it is necessary to get a home maintenance inspection done. This is when an inspector inspects your home and makes sure that your house is in a perfect working condition. Besides, they even inspect whether or not any new problems have popped up since the last inspection.


    Most of the time, homeowners in Columbia are tempted to skimp the home maintenance inspection because of several reasons; the most important of which is not wanting to shell out additional cash. 


    If you have not yet gotten the home inspected outside of the buying process, here are important points to consider when getting a  maintenance inspection.

  • One of the most commonly asked questions that prospective home buyers and sellers ask is “Why should I have a home inspection?” If you are buying a home in the Columbia, SC, and surrounding areas,  you absolutely should have a home inspection. There are more reasons to have a home inspection, than there is not to have one. Keep reading to view a few of the most challenging issues that are commonly overlooked by homeowners.