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What Is A CL-100 Letter?


If you’re buying or selling a home in Columbia SC and surrounding areas, you will be asked to obtain a CL-100 inspection report ( CL100). This report is commonly referred to as the termite letter.The CL-100 is the official South Carolina Wood infestation report and should include information based on the visual inspection for all wood-destroying insects, fungi and/or moisture issues. The CL-100 inspection should be completed by a qualified, licensed South Carolina home or pest inspectors. The inspection report is valid for 30 days from the day of inspection.

If you’re buying a home or selling a home, you should choose a home inspector to provide the CL-100 letter and the home inspection report.

What’s Included In A Wood Infestation Report?

The wood infestation report is a report of visible infestation and damage by insects ( e.g., termite and beetles) and  decay in accessible areas of the structure, with the inspection for decay fungi limited to the portion of the structure below the level of the first main floor. 

This report is mandatory as a protective measure, banks and lending institutions require that homes be inspected for damage from termites and other wood-destroying organism before you will be loaned money to purchase your dream home.

So, what’s included in this report? The wood infestation report is a two-page document. On the first page you will see basic information about the inspection, such as the address of the property, and answers that address the following questions:

  • Where was the damage found?
  • What caused the damage?
  • Is there any visible evidence of infestation or previous treatment?
  • Are there any obstructions or inaccessible areas which cannot be inspected?
  • Were all the damages reported?

Here’s a look at additional information included in the wood infestation Report?

Your CL-100 inspection report should include following detailed information:

1.List visible evidence of:

        -   Subterranean termites

        -  Drywood termites

        -  Old house borers

        -  Powder post beetles

         - Other wood-destroying insects

2.If there is visible evidence of prior subterranean termite treatment.

3. If there is evidence below the first main floor of the presence of

    -  Active wood-destroying fungi ( wood moisture content > 28%)

    -  Non-active wood-destroying fungi ( wood moisture content <28%)

4.If there is evidence of the presence of excessive moisture conditions below the first main floor ( 20% or above wood moisture content, standing water, etc.)

It’s important to obtain an independent inspection before purchasing your dream home. The report and inspection will identify and document any active or previous wood destroying insects or fungi problems. If you’re in the Greater Columbia area of South Carolina, hire a home inspector that you can trust and get both your home and pest inspection CL-100 letter the same day!  S&J Home Inspections LLC offers |same day home and pest inspections. Contact us now to schedule your inspections!

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