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4 Things Real Estate Agents Should Know About Termite Inspections

Home buying is one of the largest transactions one makes, and for this, buyers hire a competent real estate agent who strives to make this a seamless transaction. Being a real estate agent, they must provide buyers a home that is damage free.

While buying or selling a home, several things like style, outlook, size, and price of a home are considered. We also think about floods and tornadoes. But what about termites? Have you ever considered that termites can put your selling to halt? Yes, it’s true. Termites are the most disastrous creatures and can decrease the sales value of a home by penetrating anything made of wood.

CL-100 Inspection 

When buyers buy a home, they can request a CL-100 inspection, also known as a termite inspection, to make sure that the house is not infested and is termite-free. This request, on the one hand, shows that the buyer is potential, which is a positive sign for realtors, but on the other hand, it can be stressful if the house is infested as it can damage the structural integrity of the home. 

Today, we will share four things that realtors should know about termite inspection. These include;

Time Required for Inspection

A thorough inspection of the building is required to make it free from infestation. You need to hire professionals who will meticulously check any signs of termites. The inspection takes about one hour, or it can take more time depending upon factors like how old the building is or is any particular area, or the whole house is infested. 

Access to Whole Building

Termites tend to eat the house from inside. As a result, the house looks fine but might be hollow and on the verge to collapse. You need to ensure that the experts hired have access to the whole building. It includes inspection of both the interior and exterior portion of the house. Inspector then looks under foundations or any signs of lurking infestation.

What They Look for?

Other than termites, carpenter ants, beetles, subterranean termites and fungus causing wood decay are also on the list of inspectors as these also play a role in infesting and decaying a building. Moreover, they meticulously check for pests or their signs. Usually, woods that become hollow, mud tubes, and discarded wings are the signs which show termite infestation.

Proof of Inspection

Evidence is required after the termite inspection to  confirm that home inspection is done thoroughly. They provide you a complete report stating that the home is structurally sound, or infestation is positive, findings, and suggest the best treatment possible to free the house from manifestation depending upon the damage caused. This report is called the Official South Carolina Wood Infestation Report. For the safety and health of both buyers and sellers, realtors need to make termite inspection a priority. If you’re a real estate agent in the greater Columbia SC area, contact S&J Home Inspection LLC for your home and termite inspections. Request A Home Inspection!

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