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Why You Need A Home Inspection

Congratulations! You decided to become a homeowner. As we all know, home ownership is an exciting and fulfilling opportunity for numerous reasons. For starters, you have a place to call your own and the complete freedom of that being a homeowner provides. For many people buying and selling a home is a major investment, which is why you should not cut corners on the home inspection. 


By now, you are probably beginning to see that there are many steps to take into consideration in your journey to becoming a homeowner. Despite the joy and excitement, you will need to be mindful at each step of the way. One of the most important aspects of any real estate transaction is the home inspection. In this short article we are going to uncover the reasons why you need to get a home inspection.


Homeownership Is A Expensive Investment

In all likelihood your real estate transaction may be one of the most expensive or perhaps one of many transactions you have to make in your lifetime. In either event, it is in your best interest to protect your interest and obtain a peace of mind knowing that you are making a sound decision.


Even if the home inspection reveals less than ideal finding, such as much needed expensive repairs, you will be thankful that you invested a couple hundred dollars in getting the home inspected.One of the most overlooked and undervalued aspects of getting a home inspection, is that you get the chance to learn about the recommended maintenance schedules to protect your investment and prevent any costly repairs in the future.


Gain Leverage and Make Informed Purchasing Decisions


It’s common to have a few items that may pop up during the home inspection. Even brand new homes or homes that are considered to be in good condition can present a few issues here and there.Although those issues aren’t necessarily deal breakers, they can actually give you a bit of bargaining power in the real estate negotiations.


For example, if there are any issues that come up that you rather not fix, you can work the price of those repairs into your offer. Home buyers who skip the home inspection will not have the opportunity to use the home inspection findings as leverage and can wind up paying more than they have to in the long run.


To Stay Focused On The Bigger Picture


It’s easy to get distracted during the staging process, when a homeowner decides to place the property on the market,they will most likely stage the home to look more desirable to potential buyers. Although there is nothing wrong with this practice, just be mindful that there is a possibility of warning signs or red flags that you may not notice right away.


The most expensive culprits of the home tend to be parts that you can not easily see when you walk through the door. An experienced professional home inspector will thoroughly investigate the current condition of the home, while providing you valuable insights to maintenance routines that you can use throughout the duration of your homeownership.


Invest In A Peace Of Mind


At the end of the day, the peace of mind that you gain from a home inspection is worth more than the cost of the inspection.There is no reason why you should skip the home inspection whether you are buying or selling the home.You have every reason to make a sound decision with the knowledge that you have on the current state of the home at the time of the inspection. 


To reduce your overall risk as much as possible hire an experienced and professional home inspector. If you are in the Columbia SC and surrounding areas you can save time and money and get your home inspection and termite inspection all in the same day! One trip that’s all it takes to get your home inspection and CL-100 letter. Ask us how! Contact us today to schedule your home inspection (803) 261-4768.


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