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What's Not Included In Your Home Inspection?

​​​​​​​A home inspection is not only one of the most anticipated rituals in your real estate transaction, it is one of the most commonly misunderstood phases of the buying or selling process. A big misconception is that an inspection will tell you everything there is to know about the property, including the conditions of the areas that aren’t visually seen or accessible. Even though a home inspection is a thorough examination, it’s important for you to know that there are some things not included in a home inspection. Before we define the things that are not included in the inspection, let’s define what a home inspection actually is and what really matters in the inspection. 

According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, a home inspection is a visual examination of the home’s major structure, systems and components that are visible and safely accessible. Some inspectors may strictly follow the standards of practice, while others may exceed the standards and inspect other items, or perform a more detailed inspection. Whatever the inspector includes his or her inspection should be discussed prior to the inspection- this is known as the scope of work. 

Here is a look at what’s typically not included In A home inspection?

Future Proof Warranty or Guarantee:

As knowledgeable as home inspectors are, they simply can’t predict the future. Your home inspectors are simply looking at the current condition of the home at a specific period of time. Although they can recommend routine maintenance schedules and provide extremely insightful knowledge on preventive measures and visual findings, they can’t tell you when a leak will happen or if unexpected circumstances will cause damage to  your roof.

Real Estate Advice Is Not Included In A Home Inspection

Most buyers and sellers in Columbia and surrounding areas of South Carolina presume that home inspectors will be able to dish out thumbs up or thumbs down, or provide perspective as to whether or should not move forward with purchasing the home. This is simply not true! As a matter of fact, it’s a violation of the International Association of the Certified Home Inspectors code of ethics. Real Estate advice is not included in a home inspection.  

Examination of What They Can’t See 

It’s important to remember that inspectors aren’t going to look in areas that are not visible. For example, your inspector will not examine inside of the wall cavities to check insulation, but they can inspect the visible insulation in other areas of the house such as the attic. Your home inspector will not take components apart to check during the examination . For example, your inspector will do a visual check of your furnace, electronically test for carbon monoxide, but that is as far as it goes. The home inspector will not take components apart as part of the inspection.  Inspectors are not required to take out screws or move furniture or boxes, when something obstructs  their ability to inspect all areas of the home, it has an impact on the overall process of the inspection.

Non-Standard Inspections

A typical inspection usually does not include an evaluation of things such as swimming pools, well and septic system, mold apart from the visual inspection, evaluation of structural engineering work, asbestos, radon, or pests, these are considered to be additional add-ons.

A Set In Stone List of What You Must Repair

Your home inspection is the perfect opportunity to get a deeper insight of the current condition of the home. This is an educational experience for homebuyers or sellers of the home. Most of the things that inspectors point are preventative measures. If you are worried about major issues found during the inspection, such as roof, foundation, or other major issues it’s highly recommended that you follow-up with your real estate agent.Outside of the overall education experience of the standard home inspection, you also walk-away with a list of maintenance items that can be used as a future “to-do” list. 

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