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Importance of A Home Maintenance Inspection

Owning a home comes with the responsibility of cleaning a house, keeping it maintained and up to date. A homeowner, most of the time, forget about or miss performing routine repairs and maintenance.  

However, it is necessary to get a home maintenance inspection done. This is when an inspector inspects your home and makes sure that your house is in a perfect working condition. Besides, they even inspect whether or not any new problems have popped up since the last inspection.

Most of the time, homeowners in Columbia are tempted to skimp the home maintenance inspection because of several reasons; the most important of which is not wanting to shell out additional cash. 

If you have not yet gotten the home inspected outside of the buying process, here are important points to consider when getting a  maintenance inspection. 

Keeps Your Home Running Efficiently

Maintenance requires completing tasks over and over again whenever required to upkeep your home. It’s just like cleaning your dishwasher’s filter …not every day but after some time to keep it in working condition. Correct?  

Just like you have to clean the dishwasher, you have to maintain your home's parts to keep them in great condition.
If you don’t, your home will end up running less efficiently. If you don't maintain your fridge's evaporator coils, it will have a hard time keeping your food cool and will use more energy.

Getting a home inspection maintenance will help keep your home and its parts up and running.

Adds Value to Your Home

If you hadn't maintained your home and put it up for sale, imagine what would happen. Your home inspection report will show that there are a lot of potential problems in your home. This will, in turn, decrease the value of your home, and buyers will be demanding a discount depending on the issues. You won’t be getting much money.

However, if your house is properly maintained, you will end up having more equity for it, and the value of your home will increase.

Save Money

You might be thinking,

‘But I spend money on maintenance inspection, how is it possible to save money?

We understand that you are spending your money on it. However, you can gain revenue in the long run. Why is this? Every dollar you spend on the maintenance saves you approximately thousands of dollars in future repairs because you didn't let the problems worsen.  

Now you know how important it is to maintain a home and get it inspected. Prove yourself a vigilant homeowner, hire a competent home inspector, and add value to your house. Give Tim Rupon from S&J Home Inspection a call to schedule your inspection services. We offer same-day home and termite inspections. Give us a call at (803) 261-4768 to book your inspection services.

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