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Can A Home Inspection Tank the Sale Of Your Home?

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Can A Home Inspection Tank the Sale Of Your Home?

Most homeowners dread the time of a home inspection while selling their property. Imagine working on a deal for weeks, months, or even years only to see it fall apart at inspection time. But many other serious reasons can lead to the tanking of a sale. They can be anywhere from financing problems to bad luck!

To help you understand more about the home inspection, here are some thoughts that your experienced home inspector Columbia SC
and the real estate professional will agree to.

Home Inspections Don’t Kill Deals!

Yes, this is a fact! Home inspectors are not allowed to talk about the transaction with the buyers. They are just there to inspect the home
and give a detailed report about their findings. The rest is up to the buyer to decide. So, the tanking of a deal has nothing to do with the seller, but it has everything to do with the buyer.

When a home inspection uncovers aspects about the property the buyer was not expecting, it alters their expectations about the property.
This is where they change their mind and back out on a deal.Here are the top two reasons a real estate deal gets tanked after the home inspections in Columbia SC.

1. The Buyer Is Unprepared

This can go down in two different ways: the first is that buyers and even real estate agents don’t understand how to find out the risks that lie in a residential building. In short, they don’t know what to look for and jump in on a deal before the home inspector comes in and busts the bubble. The other is that after looking at the report, the buyer realizes that too much work needs to be put into the property to get it back in shape, hence they back out!

2. Buyer Comes in With High Expectations

Modern home buyers now expect a level of ease and luxury in a house. This results in people buying more complicated and expensive homes without being able to understand the effort that is required to keep them in good shape. So, when the home inspection report
comes out, they panic as their expectations have gone down the drain and they can't comprehend how will they manage the repair and maintenance work. 

Final Words

Finally, it needs to be understood that a home inspector has no intention of tanking the sale of the home. Instead, they are there doing their job with the utmost integrity, which means pointing out the defects of a home. Regardless of what problems your inspector may find on inspection day. You will have the tools and leverage that is needed to tackle any problems that may hinder the sale of the home. If you’d like to avoid the unexpected surprises at closing, consider contacting S&J Home Inspection for an inspection consultation and schedule an appointment for your Seller Home Inspection. We are happy to assist you and make sure that your inspection day goes as smoothly as possible! 

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