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  • Home inspection myths are still rampant in the Real Estate industry. It can be confusing to distinguish facts from common home inspection myths. So keep reading as we debunk some of the most common home inspection myths.  

  • While there’s not much you can do to put a stop to strong winds, power outages, and flooding, you can use your smart home to help keep your home protected in the midst of an emergency. As you begin to think about your emergency readiness plan, consider these smart home recommendations. These suggestions could make a world of difference between a short-term inconvenience and a long-term disaster.

  • Normally we have a to-do list before we make any major moves in our life; the same is with buying or selling a house. There are certain things that should be on your to-do list when buying or selling a house, for example, home inspection. 


    It’s important to make sure that you know the current condition of your soon to be dream home before making the sale official. A home inspection report allows you to gain more clarity as to what to expect when it comes to future maintenance and repair costs. Let’s uncover what to expect from your home inspection report.