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  • Getting your home inspected ahead of time helps you to anticipate problems that may arise when potential buyers are conducting an inspection.Having an pre-listing inspection in Columbia, SC helps in many other ways. Keep reading to see how having a pre-listing inspection in 2022 will help you in the long run.

  • When buying a new home in Columbia, it's wise to get a home inspection from a qualified inspector. Here are a few tips to help you narrow down candidates and find an inspector who will provide you with valuable insights about your new home. Finding a qualified inspector can save you from costly surprises 

  • Finding out that the structure of your home has undergone extensive termite damage is a devastating moment for homebuyers or sellers. Whether you simply need a termite inspection, CL-100 letter to complete your real estate transaction or just scheduled maintenance, it’s important to get a termite inspection. 


    Termites can cause significant damage to a house before the homeowner realizes an infestation is taking place. A yearly inspection is necessary in high-risk areas, and every other year in low-risk areas.