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5 Things Sellers Need To Fix Before The Home Inspection

Selling your home is serious business, so it’s important to properly prep your home for the home inspection. Problems found in your home inspections could potentially derail your sale, the buyer could back out or ask for a discount, either way you risk losing value of the home.

Which brings us to five issues that sellers should fix before the home inspection. Before you book the home inspection, here are five areas sellers should address before the home inspection. 

1.  HVAC System:

The Average life expectancy of a HVAC system is anywhere from 12-15 years. If you are selling your home, it’s important to be aware of common culprits to avoid citations on your inspection report.

Nothing lasts forever, everything will need replacement at some point, but having a well-maintained system usually lasts longer. Here are the following common issues found with HVAC systems:

  • Dirty Filters: Filters are often overlooked, but if they are not changed or cleaned regularly they can block the air flow and cause problems with your heating and cooling functions.

  • Ductwork Problems: If the ductwork is not properly installed or develops cracks, or has broken connections, you can lose heated or cooled air into attics or inside walls, thus affecting the energy that it takes to deliver comfortable temperature levels to most frequent areas such as the interior rooms. Problematic ductwork leaks can cause moisture issues in your basement or crawlspace.

    • Dirty or clogged coils: Coils that are dirty or clogged can restrict air flow and decrease energy efficiency. Clean the surface periodically with a brush or a vacuum cleaner.

    • Missing Parts: Common issues found during home inspection are missing HVAC parts. Whether you are selling or buying, get your air conditioner inspected by a licensed HVAC technician at least once a year. 

    If you suspect any issues with your HVAC system, get your system inspected by a licensed HVAC technician to rule out any major issues and make the necessary fixes recommended by your HVAC technician.

    2. Electrical: 

    Flickering or diming of lights may be an indicator that your electrical system isn’t working properly. Also, if you have outlets in the kitchen area that are within 6 feet of water, make sure to have them converted into “Ground-fault circuit interrupter outlets.”

    3. The Roof:

    Home inspectors check everything from your materials, gutters, vents and downspouts. If there are any signs of cracks, leaks. Or shingles have blown off, this could be problematic in your home inspection report.

    4. Mold: 

    The presence of mold can be a dealbreaker in the sale of your home. Consider getting a mold inspection beforehand to determine whether or not you have mold issues.

    5. Windows & Doors: 

    During the inspection of the windows and doors, home inspectors will look for operability and defects. You should ensure that caulking is good shape and add weather stripping to provide extra protection.

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