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10 Home Inspection Myths You Should Put To Rest


Home inspection myths are still rampant in the Real Estate industry. It can be confusing to distinguish facts from common home inspection myths. So keep reading as we debunk some of the most common home inspection myths.  

Myth#1. Home Inspectors Can Advise You on Whether To Buy The Home

Despite what you may think, home inspectors can only tell you about the functioning portions of the house, not whether you should buy the home or not. Even though most inspections are implemented at the buyer’s request, inspectors remain impartial. Inspectors are unable and are not permitted to advise you on whether to purchase or not purchase the house. This means that inspectors are also forbidden to give advice on the home’s market value.

Myth#2: A home inspection is the same thing as a home appraisal

It’s a common misconception that home appraisals are the same home inspection. This couldn’t be farther away from the truth. An appraiser’s function is to determine the value of a house on behalf of the lending institution. However, home inspectors sole focus of interest is in the safety of the home and not the value. Therefore the difference in the home appraisal and the home inspection report, is that one focuses on value, and the other focuses on safety.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your glowing appraisal report will be the alternative to getting a home inspection. 

Myth # 3. Home Inspections Will Uncover Every Single
Thing That’s Wrong With The House

Home inspectors simply can’t see behind walls, or have x-ray vision. It’s  a myth that home inspectors will uncover every single thing that’s wrong with a home or will go wrong .
There are limits to what they can do. For example, your home inspector will not tear into a wall or rip something apart to further investigate. Home inspectors inspect readily accessible areas of the home. However, inspectors often use specialized tools such as drones, and infrared cameras to gather more information. 

Myth# 6: Brand-new homes don’t need to be inspected

Even new homes can have defects from faulty construction that could lead to a laundry list of repair in the future. New homes are not exempt from having a home inspection even though it’s under warranty.  There are just two many components in a house to make sure they are all okay!  Don’t let your warranty run out before getting a home inspection.
It will be easier for you to get all major or minor issues fixed during construction than after you have lived there a year.

Myth #8: Home inspectors can predict the future

Home inspection can’t predict the future and tell you when a plumbing leak is going to happen or when a fuse will break. But what they can tell you, is everything in the house that will need to be replaced at some point. This is important to know, considering that budget 1% of the value of the house per year for maintenance.  Home inspectors are a treasure troll for obtaining information about your home maintenance schedule. 

Myth # 9: A good house will ‘pass’ the inspection

When it comes to home inspection, it’s not a matter of pass or fail. Home inspection reports will never indicate whether a property passed or failed the inspection. This is due to the fact that it’s up to the buyer to decide what’s acceptable and what will ultimately cause them to walk away. Home inspectors are the judge and jury when it comes to determining the safety of the home. At the end of the day, ask yourself “ Can you live with this?” If you can, then the house passes your test and is acceptable to your standards.

Myth #10: It doesn't matter which inspector you hire

All home inspectors are not the same, and just because someone is licensed doesn’t mean they’re qualified. Many inspectors are different in how they write reports, and their inspection process. Be sure to check with your home inspector to find out about their standards of practices, and view a sample report. If you are in the market for a home inspection in the Columbia and surrounding areas of South Carolina, contact S & J Home Inspections for all your home inspection needs. 

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